6 Month Hair Growth Challenge

Do you experience any of these hair problems?
* Hair loss or hair thinning

* Split ends, breakage or dryness

* Itchy, sensitive, flaky or oily scalp

* Dullness, limpness or lack of volume

3 Steps to Your Best Hair



People often focus their haircare efforts in the wrong areas. When it comes to transforming your hair, you need to firstly nail down where you want your hair journey to go and set yourself up for success with clearly defined goals.




The #1 mistake you can make in haircare is using products that weren’t designed for your unique circumstances. That's why you need to take a thorough assessment of your hair so that you can finally start doing what's right for your unique hair type. 



There are a billion haircare tips out there – but if you don’t have a proven routine for your unique hair type, then you’re almost guaranteed to waste time and money and slow down your progress to your #hairgoals.































































A committed hair growth challenge where we identify hair health and growth issues

How to retain length

Happier and healthier scalp

Effective moisturizing

Find out how to do a porosity test for an effective hair regimen.

  • Take a picture of your hair from all angles

  • Don't forget to add a date on the photo

  • Write down what your goal is. eg, mine is to reduce shedding and split ends that will in turn help with maintaining hair length.

  • Step by step guide:

  • Moisturizing every single day ( the correct way)

  • Deep conditioning every single week

  • One protein treatment in a six week period

  • Protective styling

  • Trimming ends to rid of split ends and start with "new" ends

  • Healthy clean scalp

  • We will also try Ayurveda practices to increases hair growth

Weekly updates on our instagram account : @africannaturals_namibia  and @zo_didi

Health and length check at the end of every 4 weeks. 

Please use the hashtags #africannaturalschallenge #ANhairgrowthchallenge



  • Nutritional Diet – Restore and Replenish!

  • Practice a Good, Safe Hair Care Routine

  • Lots and Lots of Water! (Internally and Externally)

  • A Good Nights Rest (Each Night)

  • Consistent Meditation and Relaxation (Release the stress and you WILL flourish)

  • Say No To Excessive Heat

  • Use Silk/Satin Scarfs and Pillowcases! Cotton dries our hair out really bad. 

  • Keep your hair and scalp free of build-up/debris! 

  • Detox and Exfoliate Your Scalp

  • Nurture your hair and scalp

  • Massage your scalp as often as possible! (It needs consistent blood flow to flourish, just like the rest of your body)

  • Reduce the tension – Protective styles should NOT be damaging your hair follicles, hence the word protective. Choose your style wisely.

  • Consider health over cute. Once your hair is healthy, being cute will be effortless

  • Choose holistic hair and scalp products over the synthetic products. The ingredients should be comprehendable.

  • Do your research! Knowledge is powerful.

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